Employment Investigations

During the current economic climate, employees are less likely to leave their employment and move to an alternative employer since it often means loss of their Employment Rights (redundancy eligibility etc).  Therefore employment and workplace disputes are more likely to result in either more grievances, more disciplinary matters to investigate, or more requests for mediation services.  Each of these approaches has its’ own place in the dispute resolution process.  Marilyn undertakes all forms of dispute resolution work.

With current workloads it is sometimes a challenge for managers to make the time to undertake a comprehensive disciplinary or grievance investigation.  Marilyn can undertake this task for you which would have the added advantage of being done by an unbiased independent person, taking claims of bias out of the equation, and adding credence to the findings.

Marilyn has undertaken over 170 employment investigations which include discipline, grievance, safeguarding, whistleblowing and bullying & harassment.  She has also been trained in all aspects of discrimination by the Tribunals Service, and regularly undertakes extremely complex discrimination investigations across the full spectrum of topics covered by the Equality Act 2010.

Marilyn spends over 80% of her working life conducting investigations.   During the current year alone she has conducted investigations into the following issues:-

  • Race discrimination
  • Bullying & Harassment (several cases across all levels of the organisation)
  • Victimisation (treating one employee differently in the same circumstances)
  • Serious breach of policy
  • Safeguarding (Cases involving adults and children)
  • Breach of ICT Policy
  • Financial irregularities
  • Illegal Eviction (Housing)
  • Breach of Working Time Directive (having two jobs without permission)
  • Homophobic Discrimination
  • Parental complaint regarding treatment of child
  • Bullying & Harassment by a Headteacher
  • Bullying & Harassment by a Doctor
  • Unfair selection for redundancy
  • Mental Health Dismissal (Capability)
  • Failure to report a safeguarding issue
  • Falsifying evidence on a job application form
  • Failure to make reasonable adjustments (Disability discrimination)

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Marilyn Smyth, Managing Director

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t: 07905 228991
e: m@making-a-difference.org.uk

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